With the implementation of ROADMs (Reconfigurable Optical Add Drop Multiplexers) in the network, traffic becomes dynamic by nature and is continuously changing. Customers and bandwidth requirements can be added or re-directed as needed to groom the network traffic to maximize bandwidth and eliminate network congestion. Trans World Fiber Optics can provide Spectral Analysis expertise when you're adding/dropping wavelengths to your network. We can ensure important measurements like center wavelength, spectral width and Optical Signal to Noise Ratios (OSNR) are within spec so all your traffic is operating efficiently. 

Typically performed during a maintenance window, these tests won't disrupt live traffic and are non-evasive. Trans World Fiber Optics technicians will attach our test equipment to the monitoring port of your transmission equipment to obtain the required readings. 

The delivery is a comprehensive report detailing each test taken along with a data table and graphs to show the results.

Trans World Fiber Optics typical measurements include:

  • Center wavelentgth
  • Spectral width
  • Peak power
  • Optical Signal to Noise Ratio (OSNR)
  • Gain tilt
  • Composite power