Ethernet Testing

As networks continue to evolve, Ethernet is still the protocol of choice. Triple play deliveries of voice, video and data via Ethernet dominate in today's network designs. The real evolution is the rate of the delivery of the Ethernet data from Megabits per second to Gigabits per second and even 10 Gigabits per second. Carrier level Ethernet networks take this technology even beyond these speeds and continue to get faster!

In order to deploy an Ethernet network that is reliable and meets a documented Service Level Agreement (SLA), it is extremely important to verify the network operation at the full line rate duplicating the type of traffic (voice, video and data) that will be riding on the network.

Utilizing our core competencies developed in physical layer testing and data analysis, Trans World Fiber Optics provides a comprehensive Ethernet testing solution to verify your Ethernet network.

Trans World Fiber Optics uses a bi-directional testing strategy to verify your Ethernet network by deploying a test set at each end of the network. Using industry standards, we conduct our tests based on RFC-2544 and ITU-Y.1564 to ensure your network is fully compliant. Our method of procedure is to generate the type of traffic that your network will be experiencing by varying the frame size of the traffic up to the full line rate. We work with our customers to set specific thresholds and limits based on specific network designs and policies. Typical tests include:

                       RFC-2544               ITU-Y.1564

                                            - Throughput                                       - RCF-2544

                                            - Frame Loss                                      - Out of Sequence

                                            - Latency                                           - Jitter

After gathering and analyzing the data from the network, we provide a detailed report to describe each test along with the set parameters and thresholds. We include definitive results for each test conducted so you know the functionality of your network.

Specializing in Cell Backhaul and Business Class Services Ethernet testing, rely on Trans World Fiber Optics to test your network.