Fiber Characterization

With the continued increase in bandwidth demands for faster transmission speeds along with the implementation of advanced technologies such as DWDM, it is impossible to deploy a network without first testing the fiber. Trans World Fiber Optics will conduct a suite of 5 tests to baseline and document the fiber's ability to deploy the desired Services. As an independent, 3rd party company, Trans World Fiber Optics will determine, based on industry standards, the fiber's ability to support 10 Gigabit per second or faster transmission speeds. In addition, the fiber testing results will help your Design Engineers implement the right equipment to minimize the cost.

Trans World Fiber Optics will perform the following 5 tests as our standard Fiber Characterization package:

  • Optical Return Loss (ORL) from A to B and B to A
  • Bi-directional loss at 1550nm and 1625nm
  • Bi-directional OTDR traces at 1550nm and 1625nm
  • Polarization Mode Disperion (PMD) centered around 1550nm
  • Chromatic Disperion from 1520nm to 1620nm in 10nm increments

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